JIGSAW-  Paint gelding 6 yrs 14'3. BOMBPROOF for any level rider! This sweetheart has logged miles on the trails and works well in the ring . He can go out with mixed herds and is lower in the picking order. He has three smooth gaits and a soft snaffle mouth. Great brakes and never spooky or silly! He ties to anything, self loads , and stands while while mounting . He loves getting a bath. Very sound with no vices . Well suited for any discipline .   Asking:  $4,000 --MORE PICTURES COMING!!


Naranja Quemado (Rudy)

Homebred Thorougbred Gelding, 16-1 7 yrs. Schooling 2' 6 will easily jump 3'3.  Beautiful mover well suited for local or rated hunters.  Wonderful manners on the ground and willing.  Sound and NO vices.  Asking: $12,000  


 Gelding 14.3 hands, 14 yrs.  great in the Ring and MADE FOXHUNTER  so anyone can hunt.   Takes experienced riders. Fantastic with the hounds, stands quiet at checks and will hunt in the front, middle, or back. Adjustable to every riders needs!  Has pony clubbed. Bombproof out hacking, alone or with a group. Fantastic ground manners. He clips, ties, loads, bathes, and vaccums. SOUND with NO vices or past injuries.   Asking:  $3,000



Palomino/WB Gelding 15'1 12 yrs . MADE FOXHUNTER, has hunted all over Virginia!  Sunny will hunt in the front ,middle , or back.  Happy first second ,or third flight! He is a solid 3' and loves to hack out !  Never silly or spooky he will lead or follow or hack out alone. Easy and uncomplicated.   He loves  ring work . Well suited for any level rider or discipline.   Don't miss this lovely horse! Sound with no vices. He clips, ties, loads , and loves getting a bath !  Asking: $8,500




13 yrs 16'3 Gelding. Huck has been used as a husband and teenagers  horse for trail riding. He works well in the ring with three nice gaits. He has some basic Dressage training. He is BOMBPROOF on trails and will hack out alone or in a group! He will jump 2'f but, could easily jump bigger fences . Kind and so in your pocket he loves attention! He has trail ridden all over and will cross over or under anything. He has a snaffle mouth and great brakes. Wonderful ground manners . He clips,ties,loads, and loves getting a bath. He can live in or out and is fine in mixed herds. Huck is very sound with no vices !  Asking;  $5500


2011  17' 1   Irish Sporthorse, Homebred gelding . He has done recognized novice and some rated hunter shows.   Eligible everything.  Stunning looks and lovely willing personality .Wonderful manners on the ground and willing.  Sound with no vices and current X-rays.  Wonderful Foxhunter, suitable for any discipiline. Asking:$25,000







 2008 TB Gelding 16'2. This gelding is going to make someone a lovely partner!  He has an amazing work ethic and loves to please. He shows nice form over fences and loves to jump. He is so easy and uncomplicated. He has a soft snaffle mouth and works well off your leg. Truly a kind soul who loves to take hacks out alone or with a group.  Carter has never displayed bad behavior. He has wonderful manners both in the saddle and on the ground. He is very sound with no vices and very clean legs! Email me for videos.   Price will increase with training.   Carter is so well suited for any discipline!    Asking:  $3500


Belgian /QH Gelding 14 yrs. 15'2  BOMBPROOF FOXHUNTER.  Anyone can hunt second or third flight!   Easy and uncomplicated.  .Has a dressage background. Sound & NO Vices  Wonderful manners on the ground and willing.  Asking:  $7,500



Beautiful Palomino Paint Gelding, 13 yrs, 15'3 hands tall.. This wonderful gelding has been on countless trail rides and on camping trips . He will hack out alone or in a groupHe loves attention and has never displayed bad behavior. Easy and uncomplicated . The perfect family horse . He works well in the ring with three nice gaits anyone would love this boy. Rides English or Western and has some local show mileage. He is sound with no vices or past injuries .  Email me for videos . He's priced to move owner can no longer ride . $3,500


Irish Sport Horse, 16 Hands, 13 yrs. big boned and super talented ! This gelding has hunted  all three flights and has been a whip horse! Has xc experience and has a dressage back ground.  He  jumps solid 3'3  to 3'9 over fences and such a fun ride . He works well in the ring with super manners . He clips ,ties, bathes, and self loads . Very sound with no vices . 


Paint Gelding 7 yrs. 15'1. Rascal is just adorable he goes English or Western and neck reins too!  Stocky can carry heavy riders, suited for any discipline.  He has been to several horse shows and three parades. He's been on over night camping trips and has hunted third flight. He works well in the ring with three comfy gaits and a nice headset. He jumps 2' gets leads and could easily jump bigger fences . Kind and willing he is truly a gentle horse who loves attention. He clips ,ties, loads, bathes, and vacuums . He's 100 percent sound with no vices and is gorgeous ! $6500

Rembrandt SOLD-


Registered APHA Gelding, 15' 2, 9 yrs. Rides English or western and show mileage.  Safe for any rider, miles of trail experience.  Been on over night camping trips, parades and been on Montana trail rides.    He has a soft snaffle mouth with great brakes and side passes off your leg.   He can go out in mixed herds . Very sound work and no bad habits   Clips, ties, loads, loves getting a bath. Asking: $6,000




 Breed Stock Paint Gelding, 9 yrs. 15.2 hands.  Built solid and big boned so he can carry a taller or heavier rider.  Rides english and western.  This horse has miles of trail experience and will hack out alone or with a group . Goes out with mares and geldings . He's a saint who loves attention . He's an easy keeper who can live in or out,  He works great in the ring . Green to jumping but willing to try .
He's never displayed bad behavior and always rides in a snaffle . Great brakes and a willing attitude. He is sound with no bad habits . Three nice gaits . He clips,ties to anything, self loads on the trailer, and loves getting a bath.  Never spooky or silly he's great with all kinds of wildlife and has hunted third Flight . This is just a great good looking all around horse . Very sound with no vices $4,500



WBX - 9 yrs. 16'2 gelding . Truly a one in a million. My sister purchased this wonderful horse  at 4 yrs.  Solid changes and has been out with the hounds and cubbed with local horse mileage.  He also did hunter shows later ( local 2'6 / 3'). He has miles of trail riding experience ! Super safe he loves people and always gives 100 percent! His gaits are amazing so comfy with a nice natural headset! He has been mainly trial ridden over the past few years. My sister just does not have the time he deserves ! A forever good home will be a must. He works very well in the ring gets leads and shows nice form over fences! Landon is well suited for any discipline !  He has NEVER displayed bad behavior and rides the same whether he's ridden every day or once a month ! 100% sound no vices . He clips, ties , bathes, and loads on any kind of trailer ! 



ppendix Gelding, 12 yrs. 16h.  This horse is a complete package.  Literally does ita all.  Hill topped wonderful in a group and ride alone.  Great attitude and 3 nice gaits.  Works well in the ring and loves to hack out. Wonderful manners on the ground and willing.   Sound and NO vices.  Asking:  $7,500